Outbound Call Center Services

Reaching out to prospects via phone call consumes a significant amount of overhead. Time to get off the phone. Focus on developing your business. Find out which of our ISO-certified outbound call center services suit you best.

Services we offer

Lead Generation
Attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.
Market Resarch and Survey
Develop new and exciting strategies for upcoming products/services but there can be no assurance about the success of these strategies.
Service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone.
Generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, factors customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone.
Appointment Setting
Setting services set the stage for the initial sales pitch of your product or service.
Collection Reminders
Our live and automated reminder services will call your customers and remind them of overdue or late payments.
Medical Reminders
Medical reminders help healthcare institutions in providing quality service to their patients.
Data Verification
Offering high quality, authentic data verification services for your database.