Fueled by a self-motivated and empowered workforce, Pasuyo Ventures is the outsourcing partner of choice of SMEs and startups in achieving their business goals.


Client Mission: We deliver exceptional and scaleable business solutions to SMEs and startups to help maximize their earning potential.
Staff Mission: We nurture people in the provincial area by providing fun, stress-free, and empowering career opportunities.

Meet our Executives

Cris Tan
Cris Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Graziella You

Chief Finance Officer

Richard Chang
Richard Chang

Chief Operation Officer

Pasuyo Ventures is here to meet the needs of your business. We work with you to set standards, improve processes and reach goals. With our knowledge, skills and resources, you can look forward to greater sales, more satisfied customers, a larger market, and generally improved performance. We are located in the Philippines, one of the premier destinations for outsourced talent in the globe.

We Deliver Results!